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Patrol Dogs (GP)

The General Service Dog or Patrol Dog as it's known in the United States of America, continues to be an invaluable resource for the modern police service. Since their widespread deployment in the 1950's, General Service Dogs (Patrol Dogs) have proved themselves to be an indispensable aid to law enforcement, particularly in all aspects of searching and criminal apprehension.

Utilising the General Service Dogs (Patrol Dogs) natural searching abilities, aggression and loyalty, he can be trained to undertake specific tasks related to the searching for persons and property subject to crime, and the recovery of evidence from the crime scenes. The dogs same abilities can be employed when searching for vulnerable persons, such as those persons missing from home. The Patrol Dog has the capacity of criminal apprehension, coupled with the dogs searching abilities he is a formidable weapon in the fight against crime.

We are able to source, train and provide suitable German Shepard and Maliniois dogs, either as Patrol Dogs (GP) or duel trained Patrol/Narcotic Detector Dogs. The training is based upon the 'London Plan' as outlined by the British Home Office Standing Advisory Committee on Police Dogs. This Dog training standard is generally consistent with dog training standards found throughout Europe and North America.

Dogs are trained in the English language, unless there is some specific request for foreign commands (there is no benefit from either an operational or training perspective for the use of a foreign language. However we recognise that handlers may have a preference).

The General Service Dog or Patrol Dogs provided by Metro K9 will be trained for operational police duties in the following exercises, which are common for most government police agencies as well as private security contractors.

  • Obedience: on/off lead heelwork, sit, down and introduction to the stand. Distance control with verbal and hand commands. Speak on command.
  • Agility
  • Property searching (retrievable and irretrievable articles)
  • Person searching (buildings and open country)*
  • Tracking: Grass and hard surface to a good initial standard
  • Man work: Chase, call back/stand off. Stick and gun attack.
  • In respect of 'Person Searching', dogs can be trained to either the 'Bark and Hold' or Bite and Hold'
  • Duel trained Patrol Dogs (GP) are trained in all the odours expected from the single purpose drug detector dogs.
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