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Dog Training Services

  1. Green Dogs
  2. Training Package Only (dog provided by the agency after assessment by our trainers)
  3. Full Dog Placement Package (Dog and initial Course provided by Metro K9)

In addition Metro K9 are on of only a few professional canine providers that offer the option of conducting training courses within your own jurisdiction. Whereby departments do not lose a valuable resource for a protracted period of time. The dog is trained within the area it is to be deployed and of course expenses are kept to a minimum.

Metro K9 offers a comprehensive service to cater for most law enforcement and related organisations that have a need for a service working dog. Dogs described commonly as 'Green' means they are untrained but guaranteed to be trainable and suitable for their intended purpose. To this end these dogs will have been introduced to an odour, and tested for suitability in other aspects, to ensure that our trainers have a good prospect for their course.

Metro K9 provide each placement dog with initial course, supported by a manual which covers a number of topics, from the initial bonding period through to canine first aid and recommended dog handling equipment. Once the initial course has been successfully completed, our trainers will provide a detailed written course review to aid in planning future in-service training to maintain the standard of the new dog team.

We at Metro K9 having been operation dog handlers, take this business very seriously. Our trainers are always available to provide assistance and advice to dog handlers and their supervisors.

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