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Drug Dog Q&A

Drug Detection Dog services FAQ: Here are a few of the most frequently asked question on the need to employ a private sector drug detection team.

  • Why not ask our local police for assistance? Not all police agencies have a canine unit. Those that do find that their canine teams are normally heavily committed with policing duties, usually during evening and night patrols. In addition with a private contractor there is no conflict of interests, a private contractor will operate in your best interest, with discretion and in total confidence.
  • Is there a problem with the question of 'civil liberties'? No, all searches are conducted with professionalism. At all times the protection of clients, employees and members of the public is paramount.
  • If you find drugs what do you do with them? It depends on the wishes of the client. If illegal substances are recovered we may secure them as evidence should the matter be handed over to the police, or we will surrender the substances on your behalf to the police for proper disposal.
  • Do I have to sign a contract? No, not necessarily, you can contract a search or alternatively arrange a search by appointment.
  • Do you assist in anti-drug education? Yes, Metro K9 is available to give positive input into schools or workplace drug awareness programs.
  • Is the service expensive? Not at all, this is very economical, and given the proactive nature of positive enforcement, working hand in hand with education, the result is; that through prevention, drugs are driven from the school and workplace. Better for our children, better for our community.
  • What breeds of dogs do you recommend? Metro K9 employs English Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers for narcotic detection, all the dogs are chosen not only for their working abilities, but also for their sociability and public image. We generally suggest German Shepard and Malinois dogs for Patrol (GP) duties.
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